Herôme Spray On Top Coat

Do your nails become damaged so soon after polishing?

Herôme introduces a two-in-one spray whereby two indispensable ingredients are combined!

The Spray On Top Coat doesn’t only dry the nail polish very quickly, but it also offers excellent protection. 

Price €8,95
Incl. 21.00% VAT

Product information

The Spray On Top Coat is very simple to use and in no time applies a Top Coat over the nail polish.  The use of a Top Coat polish is not necessary.

  • Immediately after polishing nails spray the nails from a distance of 10cm
  • After 1 minute nails are dry and protected
  • It is not necessary to use the spray between two polish applications

Result: Within 1 minute protected and dry nails for extra pleasure from polished nails.