Essentials Set - Very Weak Nails and Damaged Cuticles

The “5 Essentials Sets” from Herôme offers effective solutions for the most common and most frustrating nail concerns. The Limited Edition sets are competitively priced, which makes trying out the products even more attractive. Furthermore, the small sizes of these sets make them ideal travel companions to take with you on holiday. Repair, care and improve your damaged nails with the Herôme Essentials sets!

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Product information

Similarly, fragile nails can be exasperating. As a solution, Herôme has assembled a set for longer and stronger nails within 14 days. With the “Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong,” nails become strong once again in no time at all. The “Herôme Cuticle Cream” prevents and fights against hard cuticle edges to create skin that is both flexible and soft. This set is suitable for those that suffer from very weak and damaged nails – but not for much longer!


This set contains

• Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong

• Herôme Cuticle Cream

• Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover



Day 1: Apply one layer of “Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong”

Day 2: Apply a second layer of “Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong”

Day 3: Remove these layers with the “Herôme Caring Nail Polish Remover” and apply a layer of “Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong”

Day 4: Apply a second layer of “Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong”

Repeat these four steps for a treatment consisting of 14 days.

Apply the Cuticle Cream every day after applying the “Herôme Nail Hardener Extra Strong”.