Essentials Set - Very Damaged Nails Due to Artificial Nails

The “5 Essentials Sets” from Herôme offers effective solutions for the most common and most frustrating nail concerns. The Limited Edition sets are competitively priced, which makes trying out the products even more attractive. Furthermore, the small sizes of these sets make them ideal travel companions to take with you on holiday. Repair, care and improve your damaged nails with the Herôme Essentials sets!

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Product information

Weak, dry and splitting nails are often the unwanted consequence of artificial nails. But do not worry, this Herôme set ensures a fast recovery! The “Herôme Exit Damaged Nails” directly restores extremely damaged nails and is perfectly designed for use after the removal of artificial nails. Furthermore, the “Herôme Nail Hardener Sensitive” gives your nails their strength back. After taking off your artificial nails, the cuticles are also susceptible to further damage and discomfort. The “Herôme Cuticle Night Repair” immediately eases pressure on painful cuticles. Apply the serum seven days before going to sleep for beautifully soft and well-managed cuticles.


This set contains

• Herôme Exit Damaged Nails

• Herôme Cuticle Night Repair

• Herôme Nail Hardener Sensitive