Essentials Set - Dull, Dry and Ribbed Nails

The “5 Essentials Sets” from Herôme offers effective solutions for the most common and most frustrating nail concerns. The Limited Edition sets are competitively priced, which makes trying out the products even more attractive. Furthermore, the small sizes of these sets make them ideal travel companions to take with you on holiday. Repair, care and improve your damaged nails with the Herôme Essentials sets!

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Product information

In the same way that we care for our aging and wrinkled skin, ribbed nails also require some of our extra attention. For example, the “Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil” optimizes the condition of your entire nail. Alongside the “Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil,” your nails will look especially glossy with the “Herôme Super Shine”. The “Herôme Super Shine” creates a natural and polished look in just two steps! Finally, the “Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat” seals irregularities on the nail surface to make nails smooth and immaculate. Are you in desperate need of beautifully even and flexible nails? Then this Essentials Set is for you!


This set contains

• Herôme Ridge Filling Base Coat

• Herôme Super Shine

• Herôme Nourishing Nail Oil