Essentials Set - Damaged and Sensitive Nails

Are you sensitive to allergies and also suffer from brittle nails? Herôme has created a set that will ensure long, healthy nails within twenty-one days, without the threat of an allergic reaction. Instead of applying normal nail polish, give your nails a rest after or during treatments by polishing your nails with the “Herôme Super Shine”. The “Herôme Super Shine” will give you natural, shiny looking nails in just two easy steps! If you are also prone to painful cuticles with cuts, the “Herôme Cuticle Night Repair” creates beautiful, soft and well-groomed cuticles.




This set contains:


• Herôme Nail Hardener Sensitive


• Herôme Super Shiner


• Herôme Cuticle Night Repair

Price €7,95
Incl. 21.00% VAT

Product information

The “5 Essentials Sets” from Herôme offers effective solutions for the most common and most frustrating nail concerns. The Limited Edition sets are competitively priced, which makes trying out the products even more attractive. Furthermore, the small sizes of these sets make them ideal travel companions to take with you on holiday. Repair, care and improve your damaged nails with the Herôme Essentials sets!