Graffiti Nail Art - Plates B56, B57 & B120

Create your own artwork.

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Product information

Templates come in various themes with different designs. They are durable and easy to clean with nail polish remover.  The Graffiti Nail Art Plates are packaged by sets of three and are available in the following four themes: Flowers, Tips, Fancy, Say it! The Nail Art Tools are used together with the Nail Art Plates. These include a scraper and stamp that transfers the design onto the nails.

  1. Opt to polish your nails with a WIC nail polish.
  2. Apply a coat with 1 of the 10 Graffiti Nail Art Nail Polishes over the preferred design on 1 of the Nail Art Plates.
  3. Use the scraper to remove excess nail polish from the template.
  4. The lacquered template is printed with the stamp and then applies the artwork on your nail.